Agricultural Risk Management: practices and lessons for development

About the webinar

Over the last decade, agricultural risks and uncertainties have escalated with compounding impacts on farmers, the private sector and government alike. This has brought to the fore, the urgency for solutions, ideas, knowledge, and best practices on agricultural risk management (ARM). Efforts among stakeholders led to the inauguration of FARMD and PARM as the main platforms to house and bring opportunities for systematic sharing of knowledge, experience and perspectives in the field of ARM. Both PARM and FARMD have become influential space for practitioners seeking to ‎advance stakeholders’ knowledge to reduce vulnerabilities and strengthen investments for agricultural growth and food security.‎ The platforms contribute to increasing recognition and mainstreaming of ARM in project/programme/policy frameworks.

This webinar seeks to leverage on both PARM and FARMD’s experiences on ARM. It aimed at synthesizing and sharing the quantum of ARM best practices each Platform identified throughout its engagement with various stakeholders. The webinar will specifically present:

  • the key pillars for a holistic ARM;
  • draw on promising case studies; and
  • discuss the key drivers of mainstreaming holistic ARM into policy and practices.

The webinar will also serve as the necessary first step ‎to launch the joint PARM-FARMD knowledge hub to be hosted and managed by the PARM Secretariat. The hub is expected to lead global ARM seminars, forums, webinars, ‎knowledge management and related outreach and learning activities in the coming years.